SABPA October 2011 Talk

posted by Larry Mimms @ 3:28am, Sunday 2 October 2011.

Click Here to download/view my SABPA 2011 presentation in PDF format. 

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    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for a wonderful presentation at SABPA 2011. It was very informative.


    Sumit Khurana - 4:28am, Sunday 2 October 2011.

    Thank you for your wonderful presentation. You were a truly fabulous keynote presenter. The presentation was educational and enlightening. The professionalism, enthusiasm, and thought-provoking content you provided were absolutely well received by the audience. The information you shared in your presentation provided a wealth of knowledge and inside of the diagnostics industry that are great value to us.


    pren - 4:39am, Wednesday 5 October 2011.

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